Nashville 2012

by Willy McGee

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Recorded at Bomb Shelter Studios in Nashville, Tenessee


released August 30, 2013

Dave Racine - Drums
John Estes - Bass
Matt Nelson- Cello
Avery Bright- Violin
Kirk Donovan- Trumpet
Diego Vasquez- Trombone

Mixed by Greg Thompson
Many Thanks to Andrija Tokic



all rights reserved
Track Name: Crying Underwater
cryin underwater so you cant hear me weep
and im pacing in the kitchen cuz i cant get to sleep
dying in your arms its getting harder to breathe
and your standing on the corner trying to get me to leave
but im doing my best to make you smile
but after i broke your heart its gonna take me a mile asnail

christmas morning I had a bloody nose
and im standing at her front door may i borrow some clothes
yeah you look awful mustve been in a fight
I says my father wants me dead can i stay the night
she said better watch your back cause my family might sue
i sayd my father found some meth does it belong to you

youve got the wrong girls number this is a rookie mistake
i said ive got nobody else my brother drowned in the lake
and ive got the count of three to be of her front porch
but theyre striking in the street and theyre pointing a torch
she said holy hell whats a girl to do
i said i found some blow can i do a line with you

scream into a pillow so you wont hear me belt
pullin down my sleeves so you cant see my welt
cuttin up some unions so you wont think i cried
leanin in to kiss you but you turn to the side
head is in the freezer so you wont see my sweat
trading fools gold so i can get out debt

evening news has got me loose in the woods
helicopters are shining and theyre checkin every corner tryna strip my goods
and im coming to my squeeze but she acts like a flake
my father want to kill me he came out with a stake
my baby is my world and my world is so strange
sleepin under freeways tryin to borrow some change

poppin molly/pills in the alley so you cant tell im drunk
kids break their arms on trampolines trying to learn how to dunk
throats a heavy brick tryin laugh it all off
but you ask me what is wrong so i pretend its a cough
shes teething in her sleep cause she was born premature
her moms an 80s playmate thats where she gets her allure
Track Name: The Good Die Young
and so they say baby the good die young
and if you're here with me baby tell me you are here for fun
Track Name: Australin Waltz
she doesnt love me anymore
she doesnt care about how i feel
shes in australia visiting her X boy toy
shes going to marry him on a beach with the wind blowing in her hair